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CHRISTMAS HELP, christmas assistance: My whole day was mess up! I Came home to find my car and my truck busted

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Do you live near a market that offers grocery delivery?
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littlelacie   in reply to Gorgeousgirl68
wellmaybe if you tell them they will have Christmas a little late that will help.
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Gorgeousgirl68   in reply to littlelacie
Thank you! It was to late for me to sign up for Christmas help! My 3 children have excepted there will be no Christmas. If I didn't have to move, they would have presents. I'm so sad about it!
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you can get free food at foodbank.every month. call around to churches to see which ones have food pantry and clothes closet, you can get extra food at churches with food pantry. You can go to churches with clothes closet and pick out free clothes and shoes, coats if they have them, boots if they have can get clothes whenever you need them.and ask when you call if they do have coats and boots before you head over there.lots of churches have clothes closet probably not as many have coats and boots.We have heard that sometimes The Salvation Army give people in great need free clothing items, so check that out too.
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